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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cisco Leads The Way On E-Discovery 2.0

I have written before about the irony of technology companies failing to use technology to improve their own businesses. As with any rule, there is an exception – and in e-discovery, that exception is Cisco.

This will not be a surprise to anyone familiar with Cisco, since the company has a reputation for innovation that extends well beyond networking. In the 1990s, it was quick to embrace the internet, becoming a poster child for how the web can help streamline a company’s operations. Its M&A group has probably done more to power M&A in the tech sector than anyone else, since it was Cisco which disproved the old adage that technology acquisitions do not work.

So it is with e-discovery in general, and E-Discovery 2.0 in particular. The team at Cisco – Neal, Pallab, Mark, Joel and others – are among the most thoughtful, sophisticated corporate legal departments that you will find. They support the large team of inside/outside counsels who represent the interests of Cisco’s global business, and they do it in a way that saves the company money. I have seen them do more with less than companies a fraction of their size. Neal has been talking about the phenomenon that is E-Discovery 2.0 long before me; in fact, he’s one of the people who have educated me on the topic.

Companies like Cisco, Charles Schwab, Qwest, and Wells Fargo, are “canaries in the coalmine”. That’s why, when one of them says something, people listen.

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Does Cisco use Clearwell?